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                                                                                                   Rick Taylor

                                                                                             Rick's Barbershop bio in his own words…

"I started barbershopping soon after my birth (I wish).  I joined the Barbershop Society officially in 1968 at the urging of my father.  'Boy, I'm making you go to chapter meeting once.  I don't care if you ever go again, but you're going once!'  I attended my first meeting and never stopped going back for more!  My dad was a barbershopper and a barber!  I was compelled to be a barbershopper!  What a great beginning!"

"Through the years, I have competed at the division, district and international levels in quartets as well as choruses.  Since then I figure I've competed roughly 96 times.  (2-3 competitions per year for many years, and 4 in some years.).  I actually skipped my senior prom to compete in my first quartet competition. And what do I have to show for it?!  I am the proud owner of two 3rd Place International bronze chorus medals, one International Champion Chorus Medal, four International bronze quartet medals singing the baritone part and a 2003 International 5th Place bronze medal (editor's note: and a 2004 International 3rd Place bronze medal) singing the tenor part.  I also have a huge list of friends, memories, songs.  None of which I'll ever forget."

RIPTIDE (Tenor) Feb. 2003 - 2005

"District Champions (they won this without my help), four time International bronze medalist.  I joined the quartet in February 2003, did my first show March 8th.  Whew!  Qualified for International competition after only three rehearsals.  In July 2003 won a 5th place bronze medal, by being counted as one of the top 5 best quartets in the world."

(editor's note: July 2004 - "Riptide" wins a third place bronze medal at the International competition in Louisville, KY!)

FreeLancers (Baritone) Dec. 2001 - Feb. 2003

"MAD 2nd place District finalist, 2002 International semi-finalists, many shows."

BSQ (Baritone) Nov. 1996 - Dec. 2001

"Four International bronze medals (in a row!) 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 Many, many, many, many, many, shows."

Free Trade Agreement (Tenor) 1995 - 1996

"MAD District finalist, International quarter finalists. Several shows."

Arcade (Baritone) 1981 - 1995

"1992 MAD District Champs, International quarter finalist and semi-finalists Many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, shows."

Fairfax, VA/Fairfax Jubil-aires (Musical Director) 1981 - 1983

"While under my direction, won the MAD Southern Division and grew in rehearsal attending membership from approx 35 to approx 50.  Performed at Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center and Constitution Hall in Washington, D. C."

Preservation Quartet (Baritone) 1978 - 1981

"MAD District finalist, International semi-finalists. Many, many shows."

Norfolk, VA/Commodore Chorus (Musical Director) 1978 - 1980

"While under my direction, the chorus went from MAD Southern Division 8-10th place to Southern Division 2nd Place and enjoyed an equal increase in MAD placement while growing from 28-30 attending rehearsals to 60-65 members attending rehearsals.  Also served as:  Music Committee Chairman, Show Producer, Program VP, Guest Quartet Procurement Chairman & Guest Quartet Host. Hosted 'Oriole Four' and 'Grandma's Boys' quartets."

Virginia Gentlemen (Tenor & Baritone) 1971 - 1978

"1978 MAD Southern Division champs, MAD district finalist several years.  (My first official quartet and best reason to miss my senior prom!).  Many, many shows."

"Have served on Harmony College East faculties from 1979 to present.  Conducted many weekend chorus coaching retreats.  Served on Harmony College Quartet coaching apprenticeship.  Coached many division and district level quartets and have coached several internationally ranked quartets."

"Sought after performance, presentation and 'barbershop' coach and show advisor."

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