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      The Chorus of the Chesapeake     


Our Quartets

Need entertainment for your function?

Why not hire one of our quartets!

Contact the quartet directly

or our Show Procurement Chairman  can help you.

Paul Murrell  410-557-7263


Mad Hatters - 2012 Mid-Atlantic District Champions

Rob Seay, Scott Disney, Steve White,  Rick Taylor

Contact:   Steve White

Surprise - Crossan O’Donovan, Bruce Minnick, Bob Hirsh,  John Grant

Contact Bob Hirsh     410-282-8745

Dundalk Avenue

  Contact Cliff Meekins   



Contact: Bob Hirsh


Ray Agnello,

         Ted Evans,

                 John Treff,

                         Dan Dekowski

Contact: Dan Dekowski  



Contact:  Rob Seay


   Rob Seay, V        Al Mazzoni

                     Kevin King           Rick Taylor

Cross O’Donovan                        Bob Hirsh

                          Bruce Minnick                 John Grant

                    Bud Laumann,  Cliff Meekins,  

          John Myers                               Tim Long