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Woodshed Weekend

Chapter Challenge Trophy

A Chapter Challenge Trophy is awarded to the chapter whose members score the most wins during the preliminary contest rounds. Chapter members compare their win record cards and select the 6 best cards to submit for the traveling Chapter trophy award. The wins on the cards are totaled to determine which chapter scored the most round wins.   Since your chapter gets recognition as having the best woodshedders at the convention, why not ask your chapter board to co-sponsor a room or two?  It makes a great inter-chapter activity and promotes quartet singing!

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How does the contest work?

As part of the registration process, a voice part card(s) is placed in the appropriate "part bucket(s)" to be randomly drawn to form the woodshed quartets. The competition is head-to head elimination style, pitting two quartets against each other. A list of songs helps the lead select a melody (each song may only be sung once in a particular round). After selecting his song, he meets the quartet, sings them the first line of the song and the contest round begins.

The Judges try to identify the best woodshedders during the head to head competition (singing a recognized arrangement of the chosen melody is discouraged). The winners advance to the next round of competition where the parts are re-shuffled, new songs are selected and another head-to-head match is held. The rounds continue until all but one quartet is eliminated.

Four preliminary rounds or flights produce 16 singers who then compete in a final four round Saturday evening to select the woodshedding champs. Other awards are given based on individual high score, service and participation.

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Sure, the convention is a bit unconventional.  Of course, the contest rules seem to be a bit unclear and strange . . .  And you just know that the harmonies you hear aren’t going to be the type you would run into at any International Contest.  But for all-out, no holds barred fun, it’s hard to beat the singing, fellowship and enjoyment.  It’s an event you shouldn’t miss!

The weekend activity includes a woodshed contest to test your skills; a workshop to help you improve your woodshedding abilities and lots of opportunities to meet and sing the area’s best woodshedders.

Sorry , but our Woodshedding Weekend for 2013 has been canceled!

Check this page for updates on future events.  Thanks for your support!

 So What is a Woodshed Contest?

The Woodshed Contest

When you arrive, you will register for the contest indicating your voice part(s) you wish to sing.  Four contest rounds are created with head-to-head competition between woodshed quartets to select participants for the Final Round and crowning of the champs.

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